Podium Platform to 950mm

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Our BS 8620 certified podium steps are a great solution for working safely at low level.
Stepfold Podium 1: Providing platform levels of 1m & 1.2m (Working Heights, 3m & 3.2m)
Stepfold Podium 2: Providing platform levels of 1.2m & 1.45m (Working Heights, 3.2m & 3.45m)
Using a specially designed telescopic guardrail frame, the user is able to access the step platforms to gain easy access to and from the working platform.
Stabilizers are provided for extra stability.
Stepfold Podium 1 will fit through standard doorways.
This unit has a folding mechanism that allows it to fold flat, great for transportation and storage.
These Podium steps are supplied Anti-Surf as standard.

Manufactured To a TUV Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System

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